Australia is considered to be the lucky country but we have one of the highest rates of Substance Abuse and Depression globally


Natural MedTech is developing medicines that break the symptom management cycle that’s all too prevalent in mental healthcare.
We aim to make mental health therapy more effective, engaging and rewarding in order to treat a range of substance and behavioural addictions, and promote proactive health and longevity.


People deserve mental health therapies that are safe, fast acting, natural, and have long lasting benefits that address the root cause rather then numbing the symptoms.

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We are using engineering principles in biology to design manufacturing processes to produce psychedelic's in the most scalable, sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly way possible


Advanced Drug Delivery 

Natural MedTech is developing proprietary drug delivery systems to reliably deliver our target product profile to maximise healing potential


Clinical Pipeline

Natural MedTech has strategic drugs and clinical development pipeline to address Depression, Addiction, Neurodevelopment and Neurogenisis


Serotonergic psychedelics are capable of robustly increasing neurogenesis. Natural MedTech is developing these  neurogenic properties into translation medicines - bringing you a new era in brain medicine

We all know someone affected by Substance Abuse or Depression

1 in 8
Australians are on
1 in 20
Australians have a substance abuse disorder
$180 Billion
mental ill-health and suicide are costing Australia up to $180 billion per year

 "We are innovating solutions to translate psychedelic compounds into clinical medicines to treat challenging conditions in the most accessible and way possible"



Acknowledgement of Country 

Natural MedTech acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the unceded land where we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of all communities who work and live on this land.

We are engaging with traditional Australian land owner groups and facilitating conversations around the opportunities for cultural exchange and preservation of traditional knowledge with indigenous groups. We are interested in the recovery and evolution of indigenous knowledge.

Social Responsibility

We believe in working towards creating circular and sustainable systems and believe that evidence based medicine should be a universal right and not only accessible not only to those with the financial means. With this reality in mind, we are actively innovating new strategies and seeking partners to help facilitate the accessibility of health services to marginalized groups to ensure the benefits of emerging therapies are not the exclusive domain to the of the privileged.



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