Natural MedTech Pty Ltd is a integrated Clinical Research, drug development and manufacturing company.
'We believe in innovative therapies to solve the health issues of today.'

About us

Natural MedTech is driven by a passion to bring optimum health and wellness to the population. We believe in advanced nutrition, exercise and advanced medicine based on the premise that the brain and central nervous system is the most complex computer on the planet, and that the properties of human genetics and blood can be trained.

Having family and friends effected by Depression and Alzheimers, we are driven to innovate and look at all compounds of therapeutic relevance moving into the the future.

We work with Australia's Leading scientific and engineering organisations to achieve best outcomes for the patients and our collaborators. By engineering our purpose built facilities in alignment with Australian, European, American, Asian and Canadian cGMP (good manufacturing practices) we are able to expand globally. We have designed our entire operation around regulatory standards and conduct research and  manufacture to meet quality assurance and implement best practices.

We and believe in fair and equitable relationships an choose to partner with with people that share our values we operate conscientiously and sustainably.

We are open to collaborations and welcome any feedback.







We work closely with TGA consultants to move through clinical processes smoothly. We will harmonise with the TGA in order to conduct formal clinical research to optimize mental health and neurological treatments.

Our products are engineered to meet American, European and Asia's regulatory standards such as cGMP, TGA, FDA, PIC /S, EMA, ICH and WHO.

Natural MedTech

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