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We are dedicated to psychedelic research but understand psychedelic's aren't the whole picture in the healing journey 

Our 7 Pillars of Health

“We know for sure that sleep serves multiple functions, We know, for example, that sleep is critical for waking cognition—that is, for the ability to think clearly, to be vigilant and alert, and sustain attention. We also know that memories are consolidated during sleep, and that sleep serves a key role in emotional regulation.” - Dr. Dinges -  The Extraordinary Importance of Sleep


Recently, in an EEG study, it has been shown that meditation is associated with increased brain network integration.
Breathwork is demonstrating to be the quickest way to modulate your nervous system in real time. Wim Hoff has shown that through breathwork humans are able to modulate their immune system and push there bodies to the limit that was previously thought impossible.

Personalised nutrition approaches  healthy eating by tailoring to the nutritional needs to the biology of the individual

Personalized medicine (PM) is about tailoring a treatment based upon identified genetic, epigenomic, and clinical information that allows the breakthroughs in our understanding of how a person's unique genomic portfolio makes them vulnerable to certain diseases.

Research using metagenomic sequencing can identify all the microorganisms in a sample and sequence all of the genes in the microorganisms for their functional potential.
Research into the Gut Microbiome has shown links with most common health conditions and disease states - including a strong link with mental health.




Heart rate variability (HRV) is the fluctuations in between heartbeats which is intimately linked with exercise. It is a reproducible measure of autonomic nervous system function.

There is irrefutable evidence showing the beneficial effects of exercise both to prevent and to treat several diseases. Lifelong exercise is associated with a longer health span, delaying the onset of 40 chronic conditions/diseases.


By training mindful states we can come to embody mindful traits. Meditation or mindfulness training has been proposed to be synergistic with the beneficial effects of psychedelics and may reduce anxiety and other adverse experiences (Smigielski, 2019).

Depending on who you are this list may seem daunting, but all of the pillars are very important for health. Psychedelic medicine is unique as it offers people a new approach to learning and changing behaviours. Psychedelics offer the ability to rewrite thought patterns and allow people to reconnect on a new level the the other 6 pillars of Health. 

Our Ethos




We support the belief that individuals should not be resigned to a life of merely managing symptoms when more efficacious and wholesome treatment options exist. Our objective is to move the conversation forward, and away from the persistent cycle of symptom management that pervades the space of mental health care

We adhere to the principle of evidence-based practice. We aim to examine all available evidence, recognising that true progress in any field is contingent upon the willingness to ask difficult questions and chart uncharted territories. We believe that evidence-based decision making is the only way to guarantee best outcomes

We believe in innovative approaches that not only alleviate mental health symptoms, but also offer neurogenic and anti-inflammatory benefits, as increasingly supported by clinical trials and studies. Rooted in the wisdom of traditional medicine, this holistic approach addresses underlying causes and is more effective and sustainable. We strive to raise awareness about these alternatives


We believe that in order to bring new therapies to the greatest number of people possible collaboration is key. We work with and are continually developing relationships with Australaia's leading Universities and Industry. Implementing 
strategies to translate our innovations to provide access to those in need.



We act with integrity and are respectful and honest. We are considerate in our approach to innovation and development of medicines from traditional cultures.

We envision a system where psychedelic based therapy becomes a normal part of the psychiatric treatment repertoire.

We are committed to providing novel medicines to patients in need of aid.

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