Biosynthesis Platform


By harnessing the power of microorganisms and the art of fermentation we will produce large amounts of pharmaceutically pure medicinal compounds far cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly than when compared other methods. Our methods of production are scalable and our molecules are identical to what is found in nature, making our medicines promising contenders to replace synthetic medicines whilst doing our part reduce the cost of psychedelic-assisted therapy research and making cGMP molecules accessible.

70%-90%Lower Cost

Our Biosynthesis process is a fast, environmentally friendly and scalable. We can produce molecules 70%-90% cheaper then other methods and can produce 100x more product in 1 week then what is possible in 6 months when cultivating.


There is currently no infrastructure or procedures developed around the delivery of prohibited experimental medicines. We are doing our part to help facilitate legal access by providing support to health institutions by providing standard operating procedures to support the strict but necessary storage, handling and administration requirements of experimental medicines

Precision  Formulations

Our portfolio of molecules will be pharmaceutically pure. We will then take our pure molecules and blend precision "entourage effect" type formulations that are designed with distinct pharmacological actions that can be quantified and qualified in a clinical settings.

 Synthetic Biology

Natural MedTech is working with Universities and institutions to study the local Australian plants and fungi. We are developing high throughput synthetic biology platform utilizing natural plant and fungal enzymes that seeks to increase the speed at which we can develop and produce high value molecules of therapeutic value.


With a focus on Neuromodulating plant and fungi, we are working towards creating genomic libraries of novel molecules and biosynthetic pathways. When coupled with traditional synthesis techniques that will allow us to produce new molecules and derivates that will be different from other psychedelic researchers. 

We are harnessing

Compuational Models


Mushroom Cultivation
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Unique Formulations