The Problem

 $60 Billion

is spent on Mental Health annually in 


4.3 million Australians

had a mental health-related prescription in



of Australians will experience Mental Illness
65 million+   cases of Traumatic brain injury (TBI) reported every year
Depression and anxiety are now the most common serious illness among Australians
1 in 3
People dont respond to Antidepressants 
Up to 30%of firefighters  develop PTSD.
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Australians try to commit suicide each year

Safe Experimental Options

Rewired for PTSD

We use an empathogen (empathy inducing) drug to reduced the fear response and reactivity in patients brains to allow them to verbalise and express their trauma without being overwhelmed, which provides a mind state for more effective psychotherapy 

Mental Health Reset Therapy

A  1 hour drug induced hypnosis sessions that often leaves people report feelings of inner peace, relaxation, creativity, purpose, perspective,  insight, inspiration, gratitude, empathy, connection with others and the world, openness to new ideas,

Ego Dissolution therapy

 We induce a deep state of hypnosis that lasts 4-6 hours in which you listen to music and reflect internally whilst a therapist is there to resound anything that comes up for you. The recent studies are showing this therapy to have and long lasting antidepressant effects.

Concepts and Modalities



Self Directed Adaptive Placticity

Dymanic Movement Therapy


Bio-5 exerts a short acting psychedelic that exerts a profound and short acting altered state of consciousness and has also demonstrated neurogenic properties in vitro and in vivo (Cruz, 2018), it has also immunomodulatory potential (Szabo, 2014)  5-MeO-DMT is less well researched and show great potential. 

We aim to harness the shorter acting nature of 5-Meo-DMT and delivering it via our non-invasive proprietary delivery system, Bio-5.Bio-5 is designed with the patients experience front of mind and seeks to consistently exert and hour-long experiential therapy that is smooth, consistent and profound that can be translated into clinical use effectively. The experience provides the insights and reflections associated with psychedelic experiences and our formulation is designed to maximise the potential neuroprotective, neurogenic and anti-inflammatory effects that have been demonstrated (Cruz, 2018., Szabo, 2014).

Bio-5 will come in two formats,  a macro dose and a micro dose formulation. These formulations are expected to be fully validated and quantified through sponsored clinical trials.



Serotonergic psychedelics are capable of robustly increasing neuritogenesis and/or spinogenesis both in vitro and in vivo. These changes in neuronal structure are accompanied by increased synapse number and function (Ly 2018).

We found that a single dose of psilocybin led to ~10% increases in spine density and spine head width. Synaptic remodeling occurred quickly within 24 hours and was persistent 1 month later. The results demonstrate structural plasticity that may underpin psilocybin’s long-lasting beneficial actions (Shao, 2021). 


MDMA's psychological effects are described as empathogenic, as MDMA enhances empathy, and entactogenic since it heightens the intensity of physical and emotional sensations such as touch and safety (Mithoefer, 2016). These psychoactive properties of MDMA make it attractive as a therapeutic agent (Thal & Lommen, 2018).

 Our non-invasive drug formulations are being designed to exert 1 hour experiences that translate into the clinic seamlessly. We are designing the length and intensity of the experiences to be smooth, explorative, expansive yet profound and gentle.