Natural MedTech has partnered with Dr Heng Chooi at UWA and his research team to develop novel eco friendly bioproduction methods to produce  psychedelics and precursors. Dr Heng Chooi who is an ARC Future Fellow and research associate Dr Simon Kessler at the School of Molecular Sciences have the unique expertise in fungal genetics and secondary metabolite production and will be leading the project at UWA, applying synthetic biology tools to develop microbial bioproduction platforms for pharmaceutically valuable psychedelic compounds at industrial scale. 

“Partnering with Natural MedTech allows us to translate the synthetic biology knowledge and techniques from our lab to contribute to improving mental health of Australians” 

Advanced Drug Delivery

The University of South Australia's Pharmaceutical Innovation and Development Group (PIDG), led by Prof Sanjay Garg covers the full spectrum, from basic mechanistic studies to preclinical and clinical product development. Their interdisciplinary research is based on the principles of engagement, innovation, translation and impact. With a patient and partnership-driven approach, PIDG is a one-stop destination for progressing molecules to medicines, ensuring significant savings of time and resources. The PIDG team excels in offering new drug development, dosage form and design, and advanced delivery technology to solve difficult product development challenges such as poor solubility, stability, and the need for local and systemic drug targeting.

PIDG, a part of the newly established Centre for Pharmaceutical Innovation (CPI) is  collaborating  with Natural MedTech to deliver a customised R&D solution to fulfil our product development requirements from preformulation, formulation, manufacturing (at pilot scale) to technology transfer, and working with us during late lifecycle requirements. 

“The University of South Australia's PIDG has world-leading capabilities to formulate novel dosage forms and generate IP protection for formulations that are designed to maximise the patient experience and clinical translation”

Coastal Rocks

Pre-Clinical Neuroscience

Natural MedTech is finalising our partnership with a leading research institute that specializes in designing and developing drugs to treat diseases of the brain.

They are a global leader in neuroscientific research and treatment with expertise spanning from medicinal chemistry, in vivo behavioural studies, and advanced drug delivery, and are experts in taking drugs from bench to clinic. 

The institution pools together a vast collective of expertise to address child neuro-development, mental health, and ageing and neurodegeneration. The group has multiple clinics providing access to real patients for clinical trials. Their clinics enable translation of central nervous system drugs into real-world practice.

The strategic collaboration is set to deliver multiple translational medications and intellectual property.