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Our company

BioTa is an integrated biotech and medical innovation company developing modern medicines for a modern problem in the thriving biotechnology and medical hub that is Melbourne Australia. We are focused on advancing neuropsychiatric health solutions from research, development, manufacturing to the delivery of safe, evidence-based augmented-assisted psychotherapies. Our tearm

We are driven by a long term vision to where people struggling with mental health have a sustainable solution to turn to.  So we will produce sustainable and affordable medicine for use in clinical settings to help patients access enhance insight, personal meaning and facilitate emotional breakthroughs (Roseman et al, 2019).

In collaboration with expert scientists from Australia’s leading faculties of pharmaceutical sciences we are developing unique delivery systems and formulations. We use advanced manufacturing techniques and apply stringent processing standards to bring you the highest quality product.

Natural MedTech business structure is based around equitable & fair relationships knowing that everyone is on equal terms. We build long term relationships based on these operation principles:


  • Integrity

  • Sustainable Practices

  • Constantly Innovating  

  • Quality and Value 

  • Customer Centricity 

  • Supply Continuity

  • Sustainable Margins

  • Maintaining core values

Expert scientists

Our Scientific and Research team includes experts in plant biotechnology, mycology, synthetic biology, chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry and metabolic engineering and Universities. Our Medical team, neuroscientists, public health and clinical trial team are pioneers in their respective field.  


Pioneering Physicians

Our doctors neuroscientists, public health and clinical trial team are pioneers in their respective field.  

Expert Researchers

Meloburne has is world renowned for its world class medical research. Melbourne has the largest brain research center in all of Australia.

Globally Connected

-20+ Molecules

University Partners

RMIT, QUT, Melbourne Uni,

- Licenced to Manufacture S9 drugs*

GMP Manufacture

We are producing the majority of our dugs via our biosynthesis platform, our approach enables us to produce molecule quicker, greener and for %70-%90 cheaper then other methods. Our goal here is to be able to provide high quality medicine to academics, research institutions, physicians and health institutions globally.

The demand for high quality GMP psilocybin for clinical use is greater than ever. As the sector grows so will the need for better, more cost effective, large scale production. 


BioTa Bioscience is in the process of building a dedicated lab designed to produce our Schedule 9 drugs and currently we are out sourcing our developments to university and contractors. We are working towards 15+ psychedelic inspired natural molecules to develop into proprietary precision formulations that exert specific neuropharmacological actions.

GMP Drug Manufacture 

Advancing Formulations

20+ Compounds in the Pipeline


BioTa is establishing a team that can implant psychedelic-assisted protocols into mainstream healthcare.


BioTa Health supports health institutions, physicians, practitioners by providing necessary legal documentation around drug handling and other operational documentation in order to streamline access to patients and let therapist focus on what they do best.  

Special Access Scheme B

Clinical Research

Medical Clinic

Standard operating procedures

Clinical Research

Research and Medical Clinic

Globally Connected

BioTa is globally a connected company and collaborates with expert organisations ranging from clinical research, scientific, engineering, regulatory administrations to universities and health institutions. BioTa aims to surpass best practices and regulatory requirements in order to facilitate the transition of evidence based medicines to patients, quicker, cheaper and most effective way possible. We are also Interested in the study of consciousness, evolution and human optimization.

Innovating in Melbourne

BioTa is led by pioneers in their respective fields ranging from scientific, medical, clinical and business leaders whose expertise spans international healthcare research, policy reform, regulatory affairs, capital markets, technology, and government relations.

Led by expert medicos, scientists and business pioneers. 

 BioTanicals aims to remain at the forefront of biotechnology by employing a diverse team of highly qualified scientists from around the world with expertise in medicine, clinical trials, chemistry, molecular biology, genomics, and engineerin

This capable leadership manages a team of highly trained research and health care professionals, while maintaining a robust network of relationships with advisors, partners, and investors across North America and Europe.

Such synergy allows BioTa to drive financially-sustainable development and nimbly navigate this nascent industry.

BioTa addresses the current access hurdle by following an implementation science agenda, which applies research to real world contexts to support wider adoption and integration into mainstream healthcare.

Compassionate access is one such pathway that BioTa is pursuing, for psilocybin and MDMA.

This is an open-label study to meet the needs of patients who are ineligible for other trials.


It is Health Canada's preferred means for manufacturers to provide patients with access to drugs that are not yet available on the market.

When approved and regulated, BioTa aims to make psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy accessible through a network of health centres that provide safe, controlled, and therapeutic environments in which patients can heal and become well.

The Australian Governments Special Access Scheme B supports pre-legalization access for qualified patients.

Australians are on Antidepressants.
1 in 6
of people on Antidepressants are considered treatment resistant.
mental ill-health and suicide are costing Australia up to $180 billion per year
$180 Billion