Australia's First Manufacturing Laboratory dedicated to Psychedelic Research with cGMP Capabilities

Our Research and Development and Manufacturing facility is being designed flexible in order to produce multiple psychoactive compounds for further clinical research.

Our facilities will have the capabilities to undertake genetic approaches and apply both mycology, synthetic biology techniques as well as traditional chemistry at R&D scale and under full Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) environments in order produce medicines at a standard for human consumption.

We have designed our entire operation around regulatory standards and conduct research and manufacture to meet quality assurance and implement best practices.

By using a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, acclaimed scientists and lab technicians we can ensure our results are accurate and validated and to adhere to all regulatory requirements seamlessly. This means we will be able to develop and produce high quality experimental medicines, quicker and cheaper to potentially address  multiple neurological and mood disorders.

Synthetic Biology
Traditional Chemistry
We have gathered an expert team and are now in the process of applying for multiple Licences and Permits

Relevant Licenses

Victorian Department of Health and Human Services*

Licence to Manufacture and Sell or Supply by Wholesale Schedule 8 or Schedule 9 Poisons (other than heroin)


Therapeutic Goods Administration*

GMP Certification and Licences to Manufacture Therapeutic Goods

U.S. Food and Drug Administration*

Department of Health Office of Drug Control*

GMP (API and finished product)

Medicinal Cannabis Licences and Permits 


**We don't hold every licence yet, but we work with collaborators that do**