We are developing a full portfolio of Neuromodulating compounds and formulations for Human health. 

20+  Natural Neuroactive Compounds 

We are developing a full portfolio of 20+ psychedelics and related compounds and we are inspired by various Australian plants and fungi with unique psychoactive and medicinal properties. From cultivation and extraction to biosynthesis and synthetic chemistry we working hard to understand the whole organism and all its compounds and strive to understand their neuromodulating property's in order to address challenging health issues where limited pharmacotherapy is currently effective.

Genetics, Biosynthesis and Mycology

In order to produce the highest yield of medicinal compounds both Mycology and biosynthetic techniques require us to take a deep into the genetics. We will focus on genetic research for scaling commercial cultivation of rare (non-psychedelic) medicinal and therapy mushrooms.

Precision plant based formulations

Our unique biosynthesis platform will allow us to produce pharmaceutically pure molecules in order to develop precision formulations with specific mechanisms of action in order to create new neuropsychiatric options.

GMP Manufacture

We aim to aid the industry by providing hard to access medicines for people in need. Our long term plan is to consolidate our sustainable and efficient manufacturing platform that produces the highest quality psychedelic molecules at the lowest possible price in order to make GMP medicine accessible to academic research organizations, physicians and various healthcare institutions globally.

Genetics and Cultivation 

Both cultivation and biosynthetic techniques require us to take a deep into the genetics of species, In order to produce the highest yield of medicinal compounds we are focusing on advanced genetic approaches for scaling commercial strains of rare (non-psychedelic) and Australian medicinal mushrooms.

We are harnessing

Compuational Models


Mushroom Cultivation
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Unique Formulations


 Synthetic Biology

BioTa is working with Universities and institutions to study the local Australian plants and fungi. BioTa is develop a high throughput synthetic biology platform utilizing natural plant and fungal enzymes that seeks to increase the speed at which we can develop and produce high value molecules of therapeutic value.


With a focus on Neuromodulating plant and fungi, we are working towards creating genomic libraries coupled with traditional synthesis techniques that will allow us to produce new molecules and derivates that will be different from other psychedelic researchers.