The Problem

 $180 Billion

Mental ill-health and suicide are costing Australia up to $180 billion per year

4.3 million
had a mental health-related prescription in



of Australians will experience Mental Illness
65 million+   cases of Traumatic brain injury (TBI) reported every year
Depression and anxiety are now the most common serious illness among Australians
1 in 3
People don't respond to Antidepressants 
Up to 30%of firefighters  develop PTSD.
Australians try to commit suicide each year

An Overview of
Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Research

Medically Supervised


Administered under the supervision and guidance of a medical professional,  experiential therapies use a high enough dose of drugs to produce a hallucinogenic experience. Trained therapists will guide you along every step of the way 

Therapeutic Set & Setting

Every element of the therapy session is specifically designed to provide the ideal set and setting for patients to receive the most effective & transformative healing experience possible.

Creating Potential for 
Deeper Healing

With the guidance of a professional, experiential therapies have been shown to catalyse transformation in patients’ mental health by enabling patients to open  themselves up to new insights, meaningful emotions and experiences for a deeper access to healing.

What is a Psychedelic Assisted therapy research treatment plan like?