A new era of applied mental healthcare

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We harmonise the traditional healing arts with technology psychiatry, psychotherapy and integrative self care practices in an comfortable and inspiring environment.

We offer workshops to treatment plans and are working towards changing the Mental health paradigm where patients become empowered and excited to come and heal with us.

During our experiential therapy sessions patients can report feelings of gratitude, empathy, purpose, perspective, serenity, insight, inspiration and connection with others and the world. They can leave with an openness to new ideas and our therapies are backed by evidence based science.


Trained staff will guide you through every step of your healing and aim to help you break through mental barriers and create more harmony in your life by retraining negative thought patterns

We aim to reconnect you to practical tools for self care so that you can take them home and use in your everyday life. Our treatment programs are designed to cultivate mindfulness, gratitude, inspiration, purpose and healthy lifestyle patterns for our patients.

With our personalised approach to mental health and wellness, We bring together modern, holistic and traditional evidence based therapies for your mind and body to heal.