How nano technology works



A properly manufactured liposome will fuse with cell membranes and facilitate intracellular delivery.

Phospholipids are what our cell membranes are made of so when liposomes deliver our compounds, they also feed your cell membrane meaning our delivery system is actually beneficial for your cells. 


High Phosphatidylcholine preparation allows us to mimic human cell membranes and make smaller more stable liposomes. Phosphatidylcholine alone has a clinical history for the repair and maintenance of liver function, cardiovascular and neurological health.


Smaller lipid nanoparticle technologies are the result of refined chemistry and high-shear equipment.  To claim that lipid nanotechnology products approach the efficacy of intravenous therapy, manufacturers must use the correct ingredients and have high-quality control standards. Some Nutraceutical manufacturers use lower grade raw lecithin in their preparations and typically use cheaper shear methods resulting in larger (200-600nm) poorly absorbed particles. 


In one study, cellular intake increased 9-fold as the liposome size was decreased from 236 nm to 97 nm, and cellular intake was increased 34-fold at 64 nm.

What is a liposome?

Liposomes are naturally derived nanospheres that allow us to deliver compounds directly into your bloodstream and to the site of action without being digested.


We harness the nature of these molecules to entrap compounds either in the core or entrap fat-soluble compounds in the outer layer (called a bilayer). 


Once encapsulated our compounds are much more easily able to cross into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. This allows for maximum absorption and circulation. At their highest potential liposomes can reach the power of intravenous therapy whilst being provided in a convenient oral or inhaled dose.


Example of intracellular delivery 

Our technology

Our technology bypasses digestion in the stomach allowing us to direct the bio-actives to the site of action, allowing us to attack specific illnesses. With nanospheres under 100 nanometers we approach absorption levels equivalent to intravenous administration, but with the convenience of oral delivery. This allows for high dose formulations without gastrointestinal upset whilst also increasing the amount of time our bio-actives are spent circulating in the bloodstream before elimination. All whilst using a low allergenic naturally derived nanospheres.



Natural MedTech ensures the highest quality product by creating small, more stable single layer vesicles made from the highest quality ingredients available.  

Where necessary we incorporate membrane-bound molecules to enhance the pharmacokinetics of our nanoparticles.

We collaborate with expert scientists from Australia’s leading faculty in pharmaceutical sciences to develop our unique formulations. We use high-tech equipment, apply stringent processing standards and accurate particle size control mechanisms to bring you the highest quality product we can.

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