Australia's first Schedule 9 research company 

Our Fully Integrated 

Our fully integrated model allows for the most efficient and cost effective way to navigate the regulatory bodies around our schedule 9 compounds. Our model incorporates, Drug development, cGMP Manufacture, Clinical Research, Clinical Application of medicines at our future clinics.

By addressing many sectors of the market Natural MedTech can ensure best practices and adhere to all regulatory requirements seamlessly. This means we will be able to bring high quality effective medicines to patients, quicker, cheaper and most effectively.

Research Clinic

Our initial research clinic is targeted  to conduct clinical trials designed to optimize the healing potential around psychedelic medicines.
We will build on the MAPS protocols by addressing depression but our goal is to innovate multiple medications for Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Alzheimers and other neurological disorders.


 Natural MedTech is currently designing framework for multiple future clinical trials and other various research questions. 


Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is designed flexible in order to produce multiple schedule 9 compounds for further clinical research before we extend our pharmaceuticals to patients.


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