Research is just the beginning 

Our proprietary development strategy is based on designing, developing and delivering a variety of neuromodulating plant and fungi based medicines and nutraceuticals.

We are developing a full portfolio of Neuromodulating compounds and delivery systems for Human health. 

20+  Natural Neuroactive Compounds 

Using high throughput technology we are developing a full portfolio of 20+ psychedelics and related compounds for research and we are inspired by various Australian plants and fungi with unique psychoactive and medicinal properties. From cultivation and extraction to biosynthesis and traditional chemistry our approaches are design to achieve unique outcomes. 

Precision formulations and delivery systems

Our unique biosynthesis platform will allow us to produce large amounts of pharmaceutically pure molecules of high value. This will allow us the foundation to develop precision formulations, through combination therapies and natural nanotechnology we aim to create medicines with with specific mechanisms of action, we can alter the pharmacokinetics to minimize interpatient variability and potentially develop new neuropsychiatric treatment options.

20+ Molecules

Innovative Synthesis

By combining biosynthesis, synthetic biology and traditional chemistry techniques. We are creating a library of molecules and formulations that will be unique and more diverse than what chemistry techniques can achieve alone. 

Designed Experience

We are designing drugs, and delivery systems that alter the metabolism of our compounds. These proprietary approaches seek to minimize inter-patient variability, increase the efficacy and allow for translation into the clinic and increase patient access.

Clinical Development

We are actively partnering and collaborating with Australia's world class scientific network to bring new impactful neuropsychiatric medications through regulations for conditions where there are little to no effective pharmacotherapies available. 

12+ Fungi Based Molecules

8+Plant Based Molecules

Bio-5 Research 

We are producing traditional psychedelics via our biosynthesis platform and then designing and developing modifications to the traditional tryptamines that significantly modify their pharmacokinetic properties and potentially add to their therapeutic potential whilst also minimizing interpatient variability. Bio-5 is a unique non invasive formulations are expected to exert approximately a 1 hour long experience instead of 6-8 hours with oral dosage and longer then the rapid 20 minutes of an inhaled experience. Our drug delivery systems are designed with the patients experience and neuropharmacology front of mind.

Our delivery systems seek to consistently exert one hour-long experience that is smooth, consistent and profound, and that can be translated into clinical use effectively. The experience provides the insights and reflections associated with psychedelics and our formulations will be designed to maximise the potential neuroprotective, neurogenic and anti-inflammatory effects that have been demonstrated. We aim to provide psychiatry with new tools in order to reduce suffering of the ever-increasing burdens on mental health like addiction, neurodegenerative diseases, and mood disorders. 

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