A different approach to health

We bring cutting edge technological innovation along with natural compounds to provide our distributors with products that have real impacts on people health and well being, leading to a better quality of life. 
We apply our stringent standards of high quality across all of our nano-encapsulated formulations.


Delivering our formulations via;


  • Liposomes, micelles, and nanoemulsions

  • Oral dose forms (tablets, soft gels, capsules)

  • Aerosol dose forms (oral inhalers and nasal spray)



Our formulations range across these following spaces; 


  • Pharmaceutical products

  • Veterinary products


We apply appropriate testing and characterisation techniques and have access to;


  • Drug assay, stability assays, compendial dose testing

  • aerosol and spray testing, dissolution testing

  • HPLC/UHPLC and GC/LC-MS analysis and method development

  • Spectroscopic ID - FTIR, NIR, Raman, NMR and UV

  • Particle size and shape analysis, 

  • Powder and materials testing using shear cell, powder rheometry, powder flow, surface area, DVS and characterisation by XRD, DSC and TGA

  • Optical or electron microscopy





Natural MedTech uses a team of experienced industrial scientists who are highly skilled in analytical chemistry, method development and validation, formulation, process optimisation, product development, and industrialisation. 

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